Wrapping Paper Roundup!

I love giving presents. Love it. It's always fun to make someone's day whether you're delivering a new car or a box of cookies. The best part? Making the treats look beautiful! So why not use some of these beauties to spread some joy this holiday season?

Oh, and before you worry about finding ribbon to match each print let me give you a tip. White twine works perfectly! Buy a roll and use it on everything. Every. Thing. It will save you time, money, and it always looks timeless. Home improvement stores seem to have it for a great price, fyi.

Now, back to the gorgeous gift wrap parade!

Snow & Graham Chicago: Red Roses

(Photo From Snow & Graham Chicago)

Norman's PrinteryAnchor Wrapping Paper

(Photo from Norman's Printery on Etsy)

Fig 2 Designs: Holiday Flag Wrap

(Photo from Fig 2)

(Photo from Bespoke Letterpress)

Smock.: Pageant Wrap (and it's on sale!)

(Photo from Smock.)

Clara and MacyChristmas Carrot Wrapping Paper Set

(Photo from Not on the High Street)

Kate Broughton: Winter Lodge

(Photo From Kate Broughton's Etsy Shop)

Ruff House Art: Retro Owl

(Photo from Ruff House Art's Etsy Shop)

(Photo from A Favorite Design's Etsy Shop)

What did you think of these gift wrap designs? Sound off in the comments section! 

Happy Wrapping!

Two Penny Parties: Coupon Find!

Are you throwing a Halloween, football, World Series or Thanksgiving soiree? I stumbled upon this coupon for $1.50 off Command Party products from their website. I plan to give these a try, how about you?

(PS: It looks like this expires 11/31/2014)

Pumpkin Beer Cocktail Ideas!

We are smack dab in the middle of Fall and what better way to toast to it than with some pumpkin cocktail recipes! I stumbled upon a bunch of them on Shipyard Brewing Co.'s website Have a look and then a gulp. These are perfect for your next Halloween party (for grown-ups only, natch.) too!

Pumpkin Ale Cocktail Recipes

(Photo Courtesy of Shipyard Brewing Co.)

Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Almond Crescent Rolls

Pop Quiz

This recipe is:
(a) Ridiculously easy
(b) Great to make with your kiddos
(c) Delicious
(d) All of the above

*The answer to the pop quiz is d!