Summer Entertaining

This past weekend kicked off the unofficial start of Summer and I couldn't be more excited. After a long, cold winter I'm sure many of you are as thrilled as I am to swap boots for flip flops, cocoa for strawberry lemonade and frost for fireflies. Plus, getting together with friends and family for pool parties, road trips or just movie nights under the stars can be just as wonderful as unwrapping Christmas gifts or ringing in the New Year. To get you ready for those summer soirees, here's a fun Party Generator to test drive. I'd love to hear your results - share them in the comment section below!

Upcoming posts will be chock full of summer entertaining tips, recipes and inspiration so be sure to check back often for updates!

PopSugar CFDA Must Have Box! *Spoilers*

Well, here it is. The PopSugar Must Have Box that sold out in less than 2 hours about a month ago. I can't say I'm blown away by the contents (if you're looking to buy this whole box, leave your email address in the comments and we can work something out!), but I definitely think there are gals out there who may love it. If I had only paid $100 for these contents, this box would have blown me away. Instead, I paid twice that in the hopes of being treated to a curatorial box from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Here are my thoughts... beware, they aren't pretty.

Poison Dart Stud Earrings by Maiyet (Retail: $295. One thing to note, the PopSugar card lists these at $395, but Maiyet's website has them on there for $295): This item takes up the majority of the cost of the box. They're adorable, but I almost exclusively wear silver. Rats! 18K-gold-plated-brass, these are definitely earrings you can wear through any fashion cycle.
An alternative item should have been a cocktail ring. Many people don't have pierced ears, so these would have been a waste for them. With a cocktail ring, even if you can't wear it on your hand, you can loop it through a long chain and wear it as a necklace. 

Logo Bangle by Marc by Marc Jacobs (Retail: $80. Again, the PopSugar card prices this at $80, but the only logo bangle I could find was for $68): I LOVE this bangle! Everything about it is super chic and cool. Alas, I tried it on and it slipped right off. I have freakishly small wrists, so I'm completely bummed it doesn't fit.
The bracelet idea is great, but it should have been a clasp or something that could be adjusted. (I mean, come on, I can't possibly be the only person who this item is way to big for, right?) Also, Marc by Marc Jacobs is a retired brand, so why not swap that out for an up-and-coming designer instead? If CFDA is curating this box they should have used forward looking trends, not stuff from a discontinued brand. I was reading a few other blogs who mentioned that several of their readers found this bracelet last year at Marshalls / TJ Maxx.

Lipstick by Anna Sui (Retail $30): I didn't open the packaging, so I'm not really sure what the color is, but I have a pile of already used lipsticks from other PopSugar boxes, so this one's a no-go for me.
An alternative item should have been a throw pillow (or even just a cover) in a bold print. Or a throw!

Nail Polish Set by Milly (Retail $36 for 3 bottles): Again, I haven't opened any of these so I don't know what they will look like, but I have a ton of nail polish I haven't been able to wear (I rarely use the stuff), so these won't be terribly useful either. I was also disappointed they didn't do any PopSugar specific colors.
An alternative should have been a beautiful wallet. They've never had one of those in a box before, and I'm sure so many people would squeal with delight over one. Perhaps a designer passport cover instead?

(I'm striking out left and right here, people!)

The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane Vone Furstenberg (Retail $28): DVF is the president of the CFDA association so many speculated something of hers would sneak its way into the box. I was surprised to see it's her book. I mean, is that really a designer item that's a "Must Have" to anyone?
Oh my god. Anything but a book! When I pay this much money for a fashion designer curated box, I don't want a book! If it had been a year's subscription to Vogue or some other magazine, then maybe, but just a book? Come on. A gorgeous candle, scarf, coffee mug... anything! If they must include a book though, it absolutely should have been "Impact: 50 Years of the CFDA" by Patricia Mears. Duh. What a no brainer! PopSugar really really missed the mark on this one.

Market Bag by Apolis + Clare V (Retail $68): This bag is adorable! It has waterproof lining and really cute handles. Although, almost $70 for what will essentially be a grocery tote bag seems steep to me.
The bag seems to be home run with most subscribers, so at least they got one thing right!

I paid a whopping $195 for this box (I treated myself for my birthday, d'oh!) and the contents only amount to about $525, which is significantly less than the "over $600 worth of products" they promised in their original ad. I understand if you return the box unused, you can get a refund. I emailed them yesterday in the hopes of doing just that, but no such luck so far. If I don't hear back, I am going to consider disputing the charge with my credit card company. They delivered less than what they promised.