Two Penny Parties: Coupon Find!

Are you throwing a Halloween, football, World Series or Thanksgiving soiree? I stumbled upon this coupon for $1.50 off Command Party products from their website. I plan to give these a try, how about you?
(PS: It looks like this expires 11/31/2014)

Pumpkin Beer Cocktail Ideas!

We are smack dab in the middle of Fall and what better way to toast to it than with some pumpkin cocktail recipes! I stumbled upon a bunch of them on Shipyard Brewing Co.'s website Have a look and then a gulp. These are perfect for your next Halloween party (for grown-ups only, natch.) too!

Pumpkin Ale Cocktail Recipes

(Photo Courtesy of Shipyard Brewing Co.)

Recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Almond Crescent Rolls

Pop Quiz

This recipe is:
(a) Ridiculously easy
(b) Great to make with your kiddos
(c) Delicious
(d) All of the above

*The answer to the pop quiz is d!

Wedding Wisdom: Sarah and Todd!

I'm back with more wedding wisdom! This time, Sarah and Todd weigh in on how to enjoy your wedding day. Sarah and Todd are two of my oldest, dearest friends. I've known them for well over a decade and our adventures have taken us all over the country. We've been tipsy in Sonoma County, sang Gotye at the top of our lungs on a road trip near DC, and ate our way through Giacomo's pumpkin tortellini in Boston. (More than once!) I like them, they're good!

Snuggled with their two pups, Todd and Sarah are living the good live in the perpetually charming state of Vermont. They have been married for a million years now, and still act like adorable school kids who have shy crushes on each other. It's ridiculously cute and syrupy sweet, and I love that about them!

They first danced as husband and wife to U2 - All I Want Is You and Sarah's advice for your big day is practical and wonderful (much like her!), so heed this great advice when your big day approaches!

"I was dead set on eating my entire dinner meal. Most brides and grooms don't eat their food because they are too busy visiting with guests etc. I did not want this to happen. I did not want to waste my meal! If I could do it again, I actually wouldn't eat very much. My stomach was in such knots from simply the day of my wedding and my stress/nerves and everything else that, after eating I was in pain for the rest of the night. I couldn't even enjoy a beer."