Super Bowl 2013 Recap!

This past Sunday I hosted a lovely two penny Super Bowl party made up of some homemade and store bought treats. Sure the big game is over, but that shouldn't stop you from using these table setting tips for your next event! March Madness, anyone?

Most party supply or craft stores have paper popcorn holders. Black and white ones can be used to represent referees in a wide variety of sports. My guests loved this nod on the table. Filling them with kettle corn and regular buttered popcorn didn't hurt either!

Don't be afraid to mix fruit and cheese on a platter! It works, I promise!

Also, keep it healthy where possible. Just because you want to pig out on junk food doesn't mean every guest of yours will too! I served my veggies with a side of hummus drizzled with olive oil and cracked black pepper. 

I mixed my homemade platters of appetizers with some store bought cupcakes. They were a hit! These doubled as nice parting gifts since folks wanted a post-Super Bowl snack. A cupcake for breakfast the next day? I won't judge!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post: Chicken Wings!

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